Inherited Style

now more
than ever

At Heirloom, we have crafted every facet of our home designs. Each space has been intentionally patterned for the way our homeowners want to live. From the exterior and streetscapes to interior layouts, Glenview Homes has tailored every aspect of the homes for daily living. With “Smart and Stylish” features, quality materials and our excellent craftmanship and construction methods, the results are now plain to see. This limited collection of single family homes offers both traditional and newly-crafted modern home style options for discerning homebuyers who want more from life.

Inspired Style


Naturally graceful. Effortlessly alluring. Glenview Homes’ open concept living spaces are a celebration of artistry and design. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, today‘s homes offer harmony to space, transparency and detail, bringing a well-crafted design. They have a role in defining how families live, play and entertain. Glenview Homes creates interiors that are modern, design conscious, relaxed and more architectural – It’s about the art of living well.

Creative Inspiration


At Glenview Homes, we’ve cooked up something magical. Our kitchens are designed from the inside-out as one of the most integral parts of the home. Clever positioning of essential items can maximize functionality and space, while providing for better storage design. We offer many options of materials, colours, and textures to suit your personal taste. It’s food for thought.

Heirloom Sales Office

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Jamie Langdon
New Home Sales Consultant

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