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When you purchase a Glenview Home you’re not only choosing style and functionality, you’re opting for peace of mind and protection. We’ve partnered with leading financial institutions to help empower you with crucial information and mortgage options to help make buying your dream home easier and more accessible.

Why Work with a Glenview Preferred Mortgage Partner?

Get Access to Preferred Rates

Working with one of our preferred mortgage partners means you’ll have a dedicated specialist with you every step of the way, ensuring a tailored plan and quick approvals so you can go on to the fun stuff even sooner. With access to the lender’s best interest rates, you can move through the home buying process confidently knowing you’re getting the most competitive financing options available.

Lock It In with Mortgage Rate Holds

When you work with one of Glenview’s preferred mortgage partners, you’re protected from interest rate hikes for the rate hold period. If rates drop before your mortgage is advanced, you can request a lower interest rate.

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At Glenview Homes, we believe that homeownership is not just about purchasing a house, it’s also about realizing your dreams and securing your future. Let’s get you well on your way to moving into your perfect Glenview home. If you’re ready to start discussing your mortgage options, get in touch:

Jamie Langdon
Senior New Home Sales Consultant
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