Glenview Homes

Our Philosophy

Thank you for taking the time to better acquaint yourself with Glenview Homes. We are a boutique builder organized around three main philosophical pillars:

  1. Offering a strong value proposition by including features and finishes that customers are looking for without the need to significantly upgrade their homes in a design centre;
  2. Keeping the home building process interactive, informative and transparent;
  3. Never compromising quality – Focusing attention and resources on the details.

These objectives are central to our operation and are integral in our corporate decision making. They are our commitment to each and every one of our valued homeowners.

Start With More!

At Glenview Homes, we don’t believe a “standard” home is enough. We take great pride in the unparalleled array of included features we add as part of every home we build. Our approach to included features is simple – include the items that people dream about having in their home and use volume purchasing to make these options affordable. Please take the time to review our included home features to see why people are talking about Glenview Homes.

The Glenview Homes Interactive Process

The Glenview Homes team has taken great care in better understanding what it takes to deliver the best experience to our homeowners. We have designed our building process and best practices to include homeowner interaction at each important milestone. Whether it be a photograph, email, phone call or onsite visit update; our homeowners can rest assured that they will be kept up to date and involved throughout the home building process.

Attention to Detail

When you buy a Glenview Home, not only have the spaces been professionally designed by leading industry experts, but you can also be proud of the included features that come standard in each and every Glenview Home. Our award winning team has carefully considered the needs of families and our designs allow daily life to function with ease.

At Glenview Homes however, the attention to detail doesn’t end with home designs and finishes. Our Construction Supervisors are highly experienced and trained to ensure nothing is overlooked. There is no substitute to qualified, diligent construction supervision and management, and our supervision-to-construction-volume ratio is among the highest in the industry. Glenview Homes has adopted an extremely comprehensive and extensive quality control regime whereby our team will check and double check thousands of home components and finishes at the various stages of the construction process, prior to final delivery to our homeowner.