Design Collections

A Crafted Collaboration

At Glenview Homes, we take a thoughtful approach to homebuilding that is centred around the needs of today’s homeowners. To us, that has always meant offering premium, carefully curated features and finishes and remaining on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting in home design. We are continually striving to improve the experience for our homebuyers, understanding that the personalization process can easily become overwhelming, especially for busy families and professionals.

In collaboration with the award-winning design firm West of Main, we are delighted to announce, “The Collections”. The Collections will revolutionize the home building process by merging cutting-edge designs by West of Main with the high-quality construction practices you know and love from Glenview Homes.

West of Main | Introduction

West of Main is an Ottawa-based, International Award Winning Interior Design firm known for creating intentional environments rooted in human experience. They are a collective of visionary minds, inspired explorers, and passionate creators on a continuous journey to unite innovation and beauty to craft a lifestyle by design.

Their signature “relaxed elegance” style incorporates elements from various design traditions, creating a versatile and timeless look. The West of Main team have brought their skills to Glenview Homes by curating “The Collections”, expertly put together for you.

West of Main has been featured in various publications:

The Collections

Where design meets build, we have established an artful alliance with the talented team at West of Main combining the expertise of both our organizations with a common goal in mind – to remove any challenges or frustrations with the design selection process. With clear communication, a new streamlined process and the fusion of inspirational new home designs, together we will create remarkable living spaces seamlessly blending functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

This exciting design collaboration with West of Main has been thoughtfully and intentionally curated for what our Glenview homebuyers are asking for – the most smart and stylish options, selected with ease.

These three collections aim to erase the selection stress from the homebuyers’ experience and will cater to today’s modern homeowner desires with both award-winning style and functionality.

Browse the look and feel of each of our design collections below. To view the specific finishings within each of these collections, visit our sales centre today.


The Charming Classic Collection is designed to create a simple and clean ambiance. The light and bright palette, combined with carefully curated finishes and textures, ensures that each element harmonizes to achieve a serene and inviting atmosphere, making this package a timeless choice for those who appreciate refined simplicity.


The Midtone Modern Collection balances the natural warmth of wood with modern design sensibilities, resulting in a welcoming and elegant living environment. The combination of warm neutrals, wood accents, and clean lines creates a space that feels both grounded and contemporary, making this package an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and mature atmosphere.


The Refined Contemporary Collection creates an environment that is bold, moody, and visually captivating while maintaining a sense of simplicity. The combination of deep, natural tones with contemporary lines and organic textures makes this package a great choice for those seeking a space that feels modern, refined, and uniquely expressive.

A Message From West of Main

We are excited to have partnered with Glenview Homes, who are implementing a refined process for their home buyers. Our interior design team has carefully curated these Collections through a well-defined process that revolves around our core principles. Our objective was to craft three captivating color palettes, each reflecting a distinct mood and personality. Rooted in our unwavering commitment to timelessness, we have handpicked materials that transcend trends, ensuring that the design retains its allure for years to come. We wanted to create Collections that would result in a versatile backdrop, allowing homeowners to effortlessly infuse their personal style. We look forward to seeing which Collection you choose, and our team would be happy to help you elaborate on your home’s interior design with our various offerings of Furniture, Decor & Lighting design services.