Reasons to Buy New

Glenview Homes: Buying a new ahomeThe decision to buy new should be a relatively easy one. Owning a home builds equity, offers tax benefits, eliminates surprise rent increases, gives you control over your décor and yard, and provides a greater sense of stability and community. Buying your first home is a big decision, but Glenview Homes employs a dedicated staff of seasoned professionals to help you with every part of the process.

Purchasing a home can be an especially stressful process in the resale market where bidding wars, hidden defects and unforeseen costs can be the norm. When you buy a new home you will have the luxury of personalizing your home, be able to calculate all your costs up front and can take comfort in the seven year warranty that comes standard with every Glenview Home.

You’ll also be glad to know that, from a historical perspective, the largest appreciation over the life of a new home occurs in the first three to five years. Why? Chances are, the surrounding community, businesses and services are probably in growth mode too. This holds true in all Glenview Homes communities. Five years from now, your home and your neighbourhood will still look new, so they’re as attractive to new buyers as they were to you.

New home buyers also enjoy more information about their new home. Glenview Homes provides the features and warranty information on everything in your new home, something you can’t be sure of in a resale transaction. Furthermore, with new technology, new required regulations and new features, new homes are more energy efficient, have more bells and whistles, and are built to be more structurally sound.

Reasons to Buy Now